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Learn To Earn

The Zeus Network learn to earn campaign is an opportunity to learn about Zeus network while having a chance of earning rewards!

To take part in the campaign you simply need to complete the Zeus Network sprint tasks,to get started click here

The Zeus sprint will last until April 16th 2024 and the rewards will be distributed in the week after the sprint concludes.

A total of $1000 in USDC will be distributed to the top positions on the Zeus Sprint Leaderboad, the full rewards breakdown is below:

– Winner 1: $175
– Winner 2: $125
– Winner 3: $100
– Winners 4-15: $50 each

What is Zeus Network?

At its core, the Zeus Network operates as a permissionless layer, forging a powerful link between Solana and Bitcoin, and harnessing the distinct advantages of each blockchain.

Thanks to its innovative architecture, the Zeus Network holds the potential to channel millions in Bitcoin liquidity into Solana and has the potential to tap into other chains in the future

For more info check out our deep dive or visit Zeus Network