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The latest protocol that we’re excited about is Saber which is a cross-chain liquidity exchange that supports assets from Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Celo, and more.

With over $2.5B TVL, you need to know about this mammoth of a project.

Saber is the leading cross-chain stableswap and yield farming protocol on @solana. You can swap tokens of stable value as well as deposit tokens into liquidity pools & farm LP’s to earn yield in $SBR, the protocol’s native token.

According to the team, $SBR will be a “governance token which will be used to steward the development of the Saber Protocol and collaborate with the community on key parameters including fee models.” The token’s governance features are not yet live.

According to @Kadindonohoe, the team is developing governance this quarter. Governance is a key component to the utility of a token’s protocol. If you are invested in $SBR, we suggest you pay attention to this development.

A few of Saber’s investors include @RaceCapital @multicoincap @jumpcapital @socialcapital @cmsholdings & the Solana Foundation. Interestingly enough, one angel investor is @bneiluj who is a part of the @CurveFinance core team. (sources: @TheBlock__ @coin98_Finance)

Many services Saber provides are identical to what Curve Finance does on Ethereum. Curve claims Saber is an “unauthorized fork” but be that as it may, Saber is far more than just a Curve Clone.

In addition to providing seamless swaps and yield to its users, Saber aims to be “a cross-chain liquidity exchange initialized from any blockchain.” In the multi-chain universe we are racing towards, this is an invaluable service.

Protocols on chains like Ethereum are incentivized to bridge their assets to @solana due to its near instant transaction speed, low fees, and growing user base. If they use Solana as an execution layer, they save themselves and their users a large amount on fees.

Bridging assets by creating a market pair on a central limit order book or DEX can be a cumbersome process. In comparison, Saber’s stable-swap pools allows for markets to immediately be made between the off chain native asset, and the SPL version.

Let’s say @Renprotocol wants to bridge renLuna to the Solana ecosystem. All they need to do is provide Saber with renLuna liquidity, and use @wormholecrypto to create wLuna (the SPL version of Luna). As easy as that!

With this new ability to easily create cross-chain markets, the crypto ecosystem becomes more interoperable. Users can quickly swap between native assets and wrapped assets allowing liquidity to flow more freely between blockchains.

Interoperability is key to our financial freedom. The easier we can move our tokens around, the more freedom that gives us to pick and choose the protocols that serve us best. It also allows protocols to improve their services through cross-chain integrations!


While Saber is great at providing yield, its bigger value proposition is facilitating cross-chain swaps by eliminating liquidity barriers between blockchains. If you’re interested in using multiple protocols across different chains, Saber’s goal is to make that easy for you!

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This thread was written in collaboration with @KingMaven_ 👑

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