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Summarised transcript of the Solana Insiders AMA with MixMob

On Thursday the 3rd of Februrary 2022, we held an AMA with Simon and Chris from the MixMob team

BOLD: Solana Insiders
Paragraph Text: Simon / Chris


Q: To kicks things off would you be happy to introduce yourself and give a summary of MixMob for those here that are new to the project?

Simon: Absolutely.

Hi everyone, I’m Simon Vieira, cofounder and CEO of MixMob. I’ve been in the gaming industry for 15 years. Started my career designing Facebook games.

MixMob is a Solana P2E game on Remix Culture, where players level up from a card strategy battle game to full MMO glory. As you progress with your MixBots – the Axies of our universe – and NFT collections, the world will behold the power of your style and skill — both in the game and IRL. A rogue A.I. deleted our culture. It’s up to us to get it back

Q: It’s easy to see that Mixmob has it’s own unique style.. can you tell us a bit about other games or other media which you’ve drawn inspiration from in the creative process of designing / creating MixMob?

We are all about remix culture. Our main influences are:

• Hip Hop
• Street art
• Sneaker culture

In terms of media, we are heavily inspired by:

Spiderman Into The Spiderverse – it’s all about remixing Spiderman


Big Hero 6 – Anyone has the power to change the world

Q: You had a highly successful NFT launch recently.. Can you please tell us more about the MixMob Masks and their utility?

MixMob Masks are one-of-a-kind identities in the game. Mutable NFTs that evolve as players level up on their journey. MixMob masks combine 2D, 3D, sketches, stickers, candy, pop culture, art, music, science… Masks have the following power and utility in the game:

• Access 30,000,000 MXM tokens from MixMob’s IDO’s 1B total supply, distributed via airdrops and packs.

• Access to MixMob NFT DAO. We allocated 10% off our total mask sales towards supporting the NFT community by purchasing and holding other NFTs in our MixMob NFT DAO.

• Access to exclusive Discord channels via Grape Protocol

• Early access to game slice drops and future game modes – starting with our Card Racing Game Alpha release on April 2022

• Access to exclusive art airdrops e.g. Mixbots, Mask accessories, etc..

Q: You recently published a full litepaper which includes your updated “maskonomics” please explain the maskonomics and how you will enable holders of your NFTs to earn a passively by staking their mask.

We are excited about this one. We will airdrop tokens to Mask holders in two forms, regular airdrops and gift boxes:

5,000,000 MXM tokens will be airdropped to all Gen0 Mask holders with a 6-month linear vesting schedule – 1,000 MXM tokens per Gen0 Mask.

25,000,000 MXM tokens will be available for Gen0 Mask staking rewards via the Staking Club Program. In addition to MXM tokens, members will get seasonal accessories for their masks, like limited-edition glasses, hats, headphones, etc., via a monthly Lootbox airdropped per mask.

Q: Are there any rough timescales on when mask staking will begin?

We are working hard to get staking up and running as soon as. End of March/early April.

Q: what will the utilities of your token $MXM be?

With $MXM, Players will be able to participate in the game’s governance, staking, and in special tournaments. In addition, players will be able to collect limited edition NFTs in the game and purchase unique items in the marketplace.

Q: Can you give some examples of the types of items that you will be able to purchase from the marketplace?


Players can purchase accessories for their avatars, from swag, tees, sneakers, jackets, to new masks.

Players can also purchase MixBots to play and breed, cards to build their decks, and gift boxes.


(Mixbots preview below)

Q: Many people are eager to see some gameplay and try out the game. How soon can we expect to see some gameplay and when can players try out the game?

Our first game trailer is coming up on Feb 15. Join our Discord for an early sneak preview.

And here’s some exclusive news we haven’t announced yet… we have our closed Alpha scheduled for April 15 for all Mask holders 🚀 (Alpha drop!)

Q: Can you give us a breakdown of all the developments that are coming up in the near future for Mixmob that we should know about?

Our main developments this year are:

• IDO / Staking – March / April
• Closed Alpha – April 15
• Tournaments – July
• Breeding – July
• Beta – August
• Deck building – Oct

And many more exciting things in between.

Community Questions

Question 1: I adore graphics of the project indeed. Do you handle those visualization issues in-house or via an agency? And what roles are you seeking for nowadays?

All in-house, thanks to our talented Art Directors Robotsoda, Mr.Kone, and team. We have a super talented team that’s located all over the world. We have hired a couple of people from our awesome community already, so make sure to be in the Discord to catch those announcements! 🛠

(Video below with Juan the Art Director of MixMob)

Question 2: Long term question. The MixMob it’s not only upcoming racing card game, but also full MMO.

So I can consider it as sort of gameverse?

Could you share your early view on big picture of MixMob verse?
How those games gonna be connected with each other?

A gameverse is a great term. The long-term vision is an entire MixMob universe that combines the racing game, our first game, an MMO, and a world that will connect these. This is all held together by the story we are building right now, with A1 deleting our digital culture.

Question 3: Will it be possible to exchange items inside the game ? Will there be MixMob guilds and a world chat in the game ?

All in-game items will be NFTs, so players will own everything they earn. That’s the beauty of games built natively for blockchain tech.

Yes, there will be guilds in the game – We are backed by the top three guilds, Merit Circle, YGG SEA, and Avacado Guild.

There will be chat and a way for players to watch other games in the future.

Question 4: What is scavenger-1’s background and why are they so suited for exploration on the surface?

This is to be discovered! The story of Scav 1 is emergent and will be revealed by decisions the community votes on! The story has been written with a choose your own adventure spine, where our community and Masks play a huge role. Join our Discord and Twitter to stay in the loop.

Question 5: Logo and Name preferences of the projects are very important in terms of being pleasing to the eye at first glance and sometimes contain different meanings. Could you tell us about the meaning and importance of the name “MixMob” and your logo? How did you decide on this name and logo?

MixMob is all about remix culture and user-generated content. So we set the stage for the story of the name and brand to give us creative freedom to do this.

Mix = remix culture
Mob = community

The letters of the logo represent all the different types of players – that’s why they are all different.

Question 6: Currently most people’s views and the main focus of the crypto community is on token prices.

So, what are you going to do with the your team to grow a loyal community and of course to strengthen it, and how do you trust investors?

We are laser-focused on creating a fun game universe where people can do multiple things, create, collect, socialize, win, battle, etc. We have a solid base community of 15,000 people in Discord and 7,800 on Twitter. Our main engine of growth is building our game in public and collaborating and rewarding our community for bringing more people. We also have a lot of viral loops embedded in the game, such as tournaments, referrals, and the ability to send gifts to friends.

We have earned the trust of our community by being transparent and honest with everything we do.

Question 7: Currently I see that Crypto space is filled with lots of Play to Earn to get NFT games, Everyone is definitely hunting for it,. But the truth is that most of these projects don’t have the exciting gameplay that gamers are looking for. Can you here convince the users of how #MixMobOrigin is better and worth playing than every other NFT Game out there?

Games are content. And talent creates the best content. So we have a top team that has worked on some of the most successful games Halo, FIFA, Battlefield, Pokerstars, and for companies like EA, Epic, Nintendo, Disney, and many others.

Our primary focus is to create a fun and innovative game first and the rest second.
Would you like to play a game that mixes street culture with card strategy, user-generated content, avatar fame, and everyone is working under the same premise of what would we do if an AI deleted our culture? If yes, come join the resistance 🙂

Question 8: IOS App Phantom wallet was released this week. Do you plan to be integrated with the IOS wallet? Will the game be available on IOS and Android? Or will it be launched first on one platform?

👻 Phantom is a great wallet! We do plan to be integrated with it, definitely. The alpha releases of the game will be desktop only, but iOS and Android builds will follow.

Thank you for taking the time to share all of this info with our community Simon / Chris from MixMob.

For more info on Mixmob visit: