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We recently took a trip down the rabbit hole into a brand new DeFi wonderland πŸ‡

Dappio will aggregate a multitude of Solana DeFi platforms and strategies in one place and make it easier than ever to find the best yield.

Solana Season is in full swing and more new users are joining the Solana Ecosystem than ever.

Hundreds of thousands of new users are discovering the new exciting opportunities from Solana-based projects and they’re enjoying the low cost, high speed, and security of the Solana blockchain.

However, mastering new DeFi platforms and UIs can be intimidating to new users. Technical barriers can prevent the average user from capitalising efficiently

@Dappio are developing a range of tools to make the journey into the Solana wonderland simpler and more fruitful.

Dappio will be launched with a range of core features:

  • Access all major Solana DeFi Protocols in one place
  • Use strategies to maximise the yield on each platform
  • Stake $DAP to earn tokens from other projects.
  • Manage your portfolio and monitor overall performance

@raydium and Dappio recently announced their partnership:

Raydium is one of the first of many protocols which are expected to integrate with Dappio to drive liquidity throughout the ecosystem.

One of the features that we’re most excited about is Dappio’s one-click LP farming tool.

Providing liquidity to a DeFi protocol for the first time can be daunting, but with Dappio you simply select the pool, how much you wish to deposit and then zap in instantly to begin earning rewards ⚑

Dappio are also developing a comprehensive Portfolio management dashboard where users can view their portfolios + breakdown of their token allocations + total rewards available to claim and much more.

$Dap is the native token of the platform and it will be possible to lock or stake $DAP to unlock a range of utilities including:

  • Governance
  • Liquidity Rewards
  • Earn tokens from partner projects
  • Increase your reward multiplier
  • Earn a share of the protocol fees

Public beta testing is expected to begin in late Q4 2021; early project supporters and community members will be rewarded.

We can also expect to see integrations with many top protocols such as Saber, Solend, Tulip, Port Finance and more.


Dappio has the potential to greatly simplify the DeFi user experience while also increasing user capital profitability.

Not only this, but as Dappio gains users this will also unlock more liquidity for the protocols that Dappio is integrated with.

The Dappio platform is designed to benefit both users and it’s protocol partners; the result of the team executing on their vision could lead to the platform becoming an integral part of the ecosystem and playing a major role in pushing DeFi closer towards mass adoption πŸ‡

To stay up to date with the launch of Dappio and the $DAP token please keep an eye on their Twitter page (@Dappio_) and join their Discord / Telegram: /

For more info and access the platform first visit:


ToΒ  chat with us about Dappio or anything relating to the Solana ecosystem feel free to join the Solana Insiders community:


Which Solana project would you like to see us cover next? Let us know and we’re on it! Until next time Insiders!Β 

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