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Summarised transcript of the Solana Insiders AMA with Dappio.XYZ

On Thursday the 25th of November, we held an AMA with Justin – one of the founders of Dappio.

BOLD: Solana Insiders
Paragraph Text: Justin (Dappio Founder)


Q: Could you please give a summary of Dappio for those here that are new to the project?

Dappio: Your one-stop solution that aggregates yields cross DeFi and GameFi offerings. Our core featues incldues, 1. One-Stop-Solution 2. Customized Strategy Hub 3. Professional Portfolio Mangement (Dashboard) 4. Universal Rabbit Hoe (SDK)


Q: What will be the utility of your native token $DAP?

We believe our Dappio_Wonderland should be owned by the community; therefore our token utility will include (Share Protocol Fee) (Reward Mutiplier) (Govern Dappio)

Token ticker: $DAP 🐰 (stay tuned)


Q: It’s always great to hear about DeFi tokens that have extra utilities on top of governance.. Which elements within the Dappio protocol will earn fees?

Dappio_Wonderland will generate fees from :

1. SDK

2. Swap

3. Borrow & Lending 

4. Strategy fees

By integrating more protocols; meaning we will aggregate more communities to join our Solana Wonderland


Q: How soon do you expect us to be able to use Dappio? (Wen Testnet / Mainnet?)

Public Beta is scheduled to go live in Dec (BEST XMAS GIFT), Mainnet (V2) will be live in Q1 next year (March – April)


All 🐰 are still early to our Wonderland; but soon “Chapter 1” will begin; very soon


Q: Will the details of ‘Chapter 1’  of the wonderland also include your roadmap?

We are planning to launch “Instruction of Wonerland” in days to have more details about our wonderland and upcoming roadmap!


Thank you for giving us a brief overview of Dappio + the utilities of $DAP and also what we can expect to see development wise in the near future.

Let’s begin with the community questions

Community Questions

Question 1: Community is important for every project, How does the Dappio team plan to constantly engage and develope its community.

Love this question 🙂

For team Dappio, we believe in the empowerment of the community. To have the right community for our Solana Wonderland is crucially important; in the coming days/weeks, we will have more activities/campaigns for our early dappies (First Dappie Call / Ambassador Program) In addition to that; we are also leading toward hring some of the OG dappies to help us as part-time (Community for the win!)

To all; if you are looking for a project that you want to get heavily involved; Dappio_Wonderland welcome all of you

Question 2:

– what kind of customized strategies you offer for customer ? is it a tool that helps us to choose what the best investment in present day?


– will dappio issue its own token (for the basket of everthing) or will it provide the best option over other protocols?


– wil dappio launch its own NFT too? and what strategy to attract buyer which was are sluggish or are in a period of saturation (in my opinion CMIWW)

Excellent question again, which we will address in more detail for our upcoming announcement. But let me summarize these answers into a few sentences.

– There are 6 types of strategies we want to focus on; 1. Yield Farming, 2. Borrow/Lending 3. Options Trading 4. NFT Flipping 5. Leverage Yield 5. Future Trading. All these strategies will be heavily evaluated by our team; to make sure users on our wonderland can use them safely. (Dappies will get to subscribe to types of strategies they like)

– Yes, we are planning to launch our token (TBA), we believe every token needs to serve it’s a unique utility to the ecosystem. Similarly to Dappio; our native token will enable more users to be part of this Wonderland as owner. (Share protocol fee / Governor / Staking Party)

– Yes, we are planning to launch our NFT, Rabbit (DappieGang) with utility (To Interact with Solana Wonderland). More details will be announced in days 🙂

Question 3: We invest in the Cyclos which we believe in and more importantly where we feel like in a family. Community connections have a key role nowadays for a successful project. My question is, what are your plans to create a Cyclos’s core community?”

Well, we think Cyclos core community is already created. But if the question is, “what do we plan to deepen it?”, there are several answers. The first is that we plan to draw in even more supporters through some novel marketing campaigns. Right now, since we are so close to launching the market maker product, all of our efforts have been focused on making sure the product (and product launch) are ready to go, and that word reaches as many people as possible.

Step 1 is to launch liquidity incentives to create a real bang with the product release and draw in new people. Step 2 is to incentivize the community to start investing time into creating content and spreading awareness of the project. We will do this by drawing on community members who wish to create content such as tutorials, explainer videos, and breakdowns of Cyclos in multiple languages. We will reward our community members who participate in this type of campaign based on the reach (i.e. how many people the content reaches) as well as the quality. We plan to do this for as many languages as possible, to really expand our reach globally.



 The majority of liquidity pools are either neutral (Stable coin pools) Or standard tokens (Similar to a long spot position)

Do you expect to have strategies that allow users to hedge against the market in the event of a down turn or bear market? (like a short)

To hedge against your pools / positions, this is something where we are looking into too. But for now, we are leaning toward to integrate with top strategies that are avaliable on Sol ecosystem; such as; Francium and Katana.

Partnership incoming (Alpha)


You also mentioned your NFTs (DappieGang)

Do you have any samples or concepts of the art to hand that you could share with us? 🐰

This will be the first time for us ; sharing our NFT design 👇 

Question 3: What are the highlights of Dappio’s technology and products that you believe will help it succeed?

To begin our journey; our dappies from Dappio_Wonderland will have access to all top-ranked projects; more importantly, our native token will soon to serve as an extra incentive on top of these protocols. Sooner or later, we will see more protocols who want to be part of Dappio_Wonderland. After all, this becomes a healthy cycle that our dappies to have access to top / new innovative protocols on Sol Ecosystem.

More 🥕 for our 🐰

It’s exciting to see that you’re developing a cycle where both users and protocols win:

1. Users get access to many protocols in one place + additional strategies and portfolio management dashboard + Added yield with the help of $DAP.

2. Protocols get additional users and liquidity by being aggregated into your platform.


Question 4: One of the important things in the coin project is the partnership with VC, who trusted and invested in The Dappio. Please introduce your partnership with VC, which you trusted and invested in The Dappio.

Good question :), I can only disclose that we have many top-tier VCs partnering up with us at this point 🙂 More lineups will be disclose in the coming weeks.

I believe many of you were surprised with our Angel lineup; but more to come (Bigger)

Here’s the Angel line up for those that missed it: 

Question 5:

Can you explain more on the Zap-in/Zap-out function on Dappio? This is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Dappio am I right? Alongside with the other functionality of Dappio, like “Basket of DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs”, “Customized Strategy”, and “All The Best Yield in Solana”. Everything seems like a mystery now that the litepaper, whitepaper, or roadmap is still not out.


This is definitely one of the project to look out for in the near future. But there is limited information about it at the moment, is it possible to explain more about Dappio so as to generate hype and get the hype up just before Dappio gets released? I believe this is good for Dappio and also the future users of Dappio. Thanks!

I will break these into two parts:

– We believe to have an innovative platform like Dappio_Wonderland, we need to enable more short-cut techniques for the broader auidence. Currently, we have two techniques that will help our dappies.

1. Zap-in/Zap-out (One-Click Yield Farming)
2. Teleport (One-Click Switching Lending Pool)

– More Functionalities / Collaborations will be released in the coming days/ weeks. It is going to be a busy month for us, and we are ready to release our public beta of Dappio_Wonderland. To address why we havent disclosed much is that we want to turn imagination into a reality; a lot of dappies have been giving great ideas and feedbacks for our Solana Wonderland; hence we have been consistently adjusting our info and roadmap to make sure this WONDERLAND is owned by the community / Dappies.


Thank you for taking the time to share all of this info with our community Justin.

It seems that Dappio and the Dappies have a long exciting future ahead 🥕


We are building Dappio_Wonderland, a Wonderland for everyone 🥕

Thank you everyone for joining the AMA with Dappio.

Dappio Wonderland is a one-stop solution that aggregates yields cross Defi and GameFi on Solana. Join us down the rabbit hole to maximize your return.

Twitter: @Dappio_
NFT: @DappieGangNFT